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WP Errata

WP Errata

This plugin allows you to receive marked post paragraph corrections from your blog readers. You can make make specific containers such as DIV, p etc i

If you would want to make some content in your post editable so that your blog reader can offer edits without really caucing any damage to your post then this plugin is probably right for you. A video on how it operates is available from my blog post.

How to use it? Activate this plugin and in your post mark any content up for correction with using class="jcedit" e.g. make a div to take corrections as follows

This content can be sent for correction. Make your edits and send us your corrections.

=Remember= That you should not have any markup under class="jcedit" container i.e. something like this will not work

  • This is correctable

Only works in latest of the browsers those which support contenteditable.

An email will be sent to entered email address.

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Visit my site to get help on this plugin or more precisely go to

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5
Last Updated:



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