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WP Copy Data Protector

WP Copy Data Protector

Then WP Copy Data Protector plugin block copy data, Content etc…

WP Content Copy Data Protector is a plugin that protect your blog contents, drage image, right click and Disable keyboard shortcuts CTRL A, C, X, U and P. and its tested in IE 9 and IE 10.


-> This plugin Tested in IE9, IE10, Firefox, Google Chorme, Opera. -> Disables right click function -> Disables image drag and drop function -> Disables ‘Hold to Copy’ function -> Show message when Javascript is disabled -> When Javascript is disable then this plugin forced user to enable JavaScript -> Disables keyboard copy commands (CTRL A, C, X, U, P) copy/paste/print/view source * The image link URL is automatically removed and defaulted to the ‘none’ setting in your image upload settings (deters image theft)

Compatible up to: 3.8
Last Updated:



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