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Stylish Live Chat & Social Widget

Stylish Live Chat & Social Widget

Free, Elegant Chat & Social Widget to Engage your Users!

Flyzoo is a cloud-based Live Chat & Social Widget to engage your users and unleash the social power of your blog, e-commerce or personal website!

Live Chat – Cool for fun and for business

Great for blogs and personal websites: unleash the social power of your site with elegant, floating Private Chats to have fun with your users.

A must-have for e-commerces: engage pro-actively your customers with Real-time visitor insights to pick the best prospects and provide the best Live Support ever. All the relevant informations are available, real-time, at a glance:

* Current visited page URL and Title
* Pageviews
* UTM Campaign Tracking (source, medium, terms)
* Keywords (where available)
* Returning visitor
* Referrer

Group Chats and Social Commenting

Nobody likes ghost towns: a new visitor can see who is online, find an advice from social comments, start a live chat with an operator or join a discussion on a chat room!

Boost word of mouth and get more visits.

Flyzoo’s out-of-the-box rewarding system encourages your users to refer new customers! Accelerating word of mouth has never been so easy.


* Real-time Visitor Insights (New!)
* One-to-one Chats that can be moved and are automatically re-opened while surfing the site!
* Public and Private Group Chatrooms
* Social Commenting with Realtime Notifications
* Gamification system to boost engagement and Referral with Social Sharing
* User Profiles
* Customizable Online/Offline/Welcome/Login and other messages
* Administration Dashboard 
* Realtime notifications
* ...and much more!

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English, Español, Italiano

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated:



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