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Social Share Buttons Soft Loading like TechCrunch for WordPress

Having social share buttons to your WordPress post is a good way to viral your post by the visitors to their social connections. If you are a regular reader on the internet, you would be experienced with other blogs that having the social share buttons on each post so that these posts could be share easily. If you own a blog like WordPress, I recommend you to use the social share buttons on each post for its visibility on social networking sites that affect your blog SEO too. If you are a Mashable lover, use these like Mashable on your WordPress blog. Noted down, social share buttons would affect your loading time that may affect your SEO.

Let’s consider you have added Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest buttons to your blog, and you are showing 10 articles per page. It is clearly shown that 4 x 10 = 40 HTTP request sent to the external sites for each page your visitors view. In addition, it may harm your position in major search engines. Therefore, how can you avoid these types of unwanted HTTP request? Introducing a cool script that does not load the social share buttons by default when viewing the page while it will load when your visitors hover the mouse on it.

lazy load social share buttons like techcrunch

Social Share Buttons like TechCrunch

Lazy Soft Loading Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest Buttons like TechCrunch for WordPress

  1. Install and activate this plugin from () to your WordPress blog. (Bonus: A quick guide to )
  2. Once you have activated the plugin, go to Settings » Discussion, and scroll down the page until you see WPSocialite option. Customize the settings to your discretion.wpsocialite setting page on wordpress
    In the above option, we are showing the social share buttons by hovering the mouse below to content. Once you have selected the desired option, click on Save Changes.

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