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Siri WP Security

Siri WP Security

Security is a pioneer task anywhere, chances shouldn’t be drawn in terms of security.

Security is a pioneer task anywhere, chances shouldn’t be drawn in terms of security. With Siri WP Security daunting task of securing your site, would be pretty easy, with just one click. Hide Admin folder to intruders, trying to gain access to your website. Vexed, seeing the old school wp-login URL. Then, how about customizing your wp-login page. Customize wp-login page like never before, and create your own URL, isn’t that cool.


  • Hide wp-login.php and can provide own path for login.
  • Design your own login form.
  • Avoid direct access to php files (includes plug-in files, except wp-admin) .
  • Set your own theme path, style path, plug-in path, upload path and even category path (eg: category to cat/uncategorized).
  • Search base URL path (eg :/search/keyword to /s/keyword ).
  • Set "wp_comments_post.php" URL (e.g. "/user_submit" or "/folder/user_submit.php").
  • Customize wp-login URL (eg: sample-page to X/sample-page).
  • Set custom wp-admin/admin_ajax.php URL (e.g. "/ajax" or "ajax.php").
  • Automatically an email will be triggered, when a user lands on 404 Page.
  • Hide Admin bar from intruders.
  • Remove auto-generated feeds from header.
  • Pull off annoying ‘Just another Word Press blog’ tagline.
  • Define custom folder names for each Plug-in embedded with codenames.
  • Import and export privacy and compatibility options .
  • Change default WP post permalink.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated:



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