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Setting Up Automatic Backup for Your WordPress Site


Chances are, you make it a point to backup any sensitive and important files you upload onto your computer. (And if you’re not doing this, it’s past time you secured your important information with a free and simple cloud-based program!) But many of those using WordPress as the gateway to their business world haven’t invested the same thought into ensuring that their online work is safe, as well. Backing up your WordPress database and files is not only essential, it can literally save your business in case of a computer crash, hacking, or server malfunction. Luckily, there’s a free and easy way to keep your WordPress site backed up automatically.

BackWPup is an easy-to-use plugin that lets you schedule regular backup of your WordPress site to an online file storage system like Dropbox, Skydrive, or SugarSync.

To install the plugin, start at your WordPress dashboard. Click on Plugins, and then select Add New. In the search field, enter BackWPup. The first result should be what you’re looking for. Once you’ve selected and activated it, check the left menu bar of your WordPress dashboard for a BackWPup button.

You can now click on this button. Next, select Jobs from the menu that appears, and then select Add New. You can then name the job. Once you’ve named your action, you can scroll down and find and click the tab that corresponds to the site you want to use to synch your files. (For example: Backup to Dropbox or Backup to SugarSync.)

At this point, you should have a separate tab open in your browser and head over to your storage center. Login and then head back over to your WP tab. Click on the Authenticate button, and grand WordPress access when it asks for it.

If you go back to the BackWPup plugin setting, you should find a message that says “Authentication Complete.” Make sure you save any changes you’ve made. You’re now ready to schedule automatic backups.

On the right corner of your plugin settings page, there is a Job Schedule tab. From here, you can select the frequency of your backups. A weekly sync is enough for a site with average traffic. Unless you have incredibly sensitive information or have no other choice, avoid hourly backups, as this consumes an incredible amount of RAM and CPU.

You can now select Activate Scheduling, and choose the day of the week and exact time for your backup. Click Save Changes to finalize your sync process.

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