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Proper Custom Avatars

Proper Custom Avatars

Proper Custom Avatars.

WordPress does not have an option to remove calls to, nor to set default site avatars or add custom user avatars outside Many people claims that calls to slow down the sites and some are just bored of the silly default mystery man or the monsters. You can disable Avatars completely but this plugin adds functionality to set your custom avatar and the site default one.

This plugin adds the following functionality:

  1. Show Avatars
  2. Remove calls to
  3. Use local default Avatar
  4. Add custom avatar for the blog users
  5. Display Custom avatar for blog users
  6. Display default avatar for unregistered commenter
  7. Display custom avatar for comment replies

Requires: 3.0.x or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.x
Last Updated:



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