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Post Type Icons

Post Type Icons

Quickly and easily add icons to your custom post types. Built for the new dashboard design that should come out with 3.7.

Does the pushpin not describe your custom post type? Here are 361 more icons to choose from. Icons are the GPL-compatible Font Awesome Icons. This is built for the new admin design that should debut with 3.7 (you can use the MP6 Plugin until then).

This is the same icon features that comes with SuperCPT 0.2+, but pulled out of the plugin for those crazy birds who don’t use it.

This adds a function you can use, pti_set_post_type_icon( $post_type, $icon ); to set your post type’s icon. For instance, pti_set_post_type_icon( 'event', 'calendar' );. You can also set the global variable $pti_icons as an array of post type => icon names. Using the global variable is safer, since it doesn’t rely on a function (you could of course call if ( function_exists( 'pti_set_post_type_icons' ) ) to be equally safe using the function).

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated:



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