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How To Put A Quantcast Tag Code On WordPress Blog

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Adding Quantcast Tag Code

Adding Quantcast Tag Code

How do I add or put a quantcast tag code on my wordpress blog?

Quantcast ranking is a most widely used direct measurement solution. Quantcast ranking is a tracking solution which helps your business by keeping tabs on types and numbers of readers accessing your blog.

If you have content management system, I will show you how you can easily put your quantcast tag code in wordpress blog.

To get quantified your blog by quantcast, you need to obtain a quantcast tag code from their website. Click here to visit Quantcast. Create a new account and you will receive a quantcast tag for your blog.

This quantcast code is a javascript code. It is advised to add this javascript tag in the HTML code of every webpage of your blog.

Quantcast recommends you to add this code just before the </body> tag.

I will show you two methods to add this quantcast tag on your wordpress blog.

Method 1 is adding quantcast tag code manually to wordpress blog

Method 2 is adding quantcast tag code by use of wordpress plugin


How To Put A Quantcast Tag Code In WordPress Blog


1. Add Quantcast Tag Manully

Add quantcast tag by editing your wordpress template code.

Open wordpress Dashboard. Go to Appearance. Click on Editor. And find your blog Footer (footer.php). Because your blog footer includes </body> tag.

Add quantcast tag before </body> tag.


That’s it, you have successfully put quantcast tag on your wordpress blog manually.


2. Insert Quantcast Tag Using WordPress Plugin

This is very simple method. I recommend you to insert your quantcast code by using this method.

Because in this method, you don’t have to modify or edit wordpress blog template code yourself.

For this you have to install Quantcast Quantifier Plugin. Click here to download this plugin.

After installing this plugin. Go to settings.

Add your copied tag code to TRACKING CODE (REQUIRED) box. See the image below:

Put A Quantcast Tag Code In Quantcast Quantifier Plugin

Put A Quantcast Tag Code In Quantcast Quantifier Plugin


VOILA.. you have now successfully inserted quantcast code in your wordpress blog using wordpress plugin.

Now I think you are completely aware of how to put a quantcast tag on your wordpress blog. If you like this post, you can share it on your social networks and if you want to ask or share anything, you can use comment section below.

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