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eFront WordPress plugin

eFront WordPress plugin

This plugin integrates eFront with WordPress. Promote your eFront content through your WordPress site.

eFront is a robust learning platform, bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from branch management to tailor-made reports. We have worked with hundreds of organizations to shape a product that meet the training needs of modern enterprises.

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Plugin Features

  1. List your eFront courses and lessons and their content in WordPress.
  • Caching

    • Each time you retreive a eFront item (courses/lessons list, single course/lesson, categories list etc) this item is cached for performance reasons. If you want to force cached items to be updated you should clear your cache. (Administration Panel > eFront > Clear cache)

Requires: 1.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.1
Last Updated:



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