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Dexs PM System

Dexs PM System

A Private Messages System for your WordPress Community!

A Private Messages System for your WordPress Community!

Plugin Page (English) | Plugin Seite (Deutsch)

Attention! This plugin is currently in a beta phase, please report some bugs! Thanks for your help!

Our PM (Private Messages) System provides your Community a personal communication among one another, but only if you allow there the Access to the System! You can configure 6 Permission Settings per WP-Role, i.a. the max number of pm’s, the permit for the Use of images in a message and the Access to the Front End – the Back End and also on the completely PM System. Also you can include and exclude individual users by their user id!

Our PM System supports a eMail Notification as soon as the user receive a new message! You can de/activate and configure this System completely, and also all users can disable/enable the Notification for new pm’s for himself!

But that’s not all what our plugin can do, download and test it and send us your ideas and suggestions for improvement. We will try the best possible way to implement your proposals, to get a better pm system plugin for everyone. Thank you!


  • Write, Answer, Forward, Archive and Receive Private Messages
  • The PM System is automatically available on the Back End
  • The PM System can also be used on the Front End
  • A small "New PM Satus" Interface/Menu on the Toolbar
  • A eMail Notification System for new PMs
  • The Users can configure the PMs/Side for himself
  • The Users can de/activate the eMail Notification System for himself!
  • Multilanguage: English, German


  • You can configure the Back End interface minimally
    • 3 Backend Navigation Styles
    • 2 Backend Admin Menu Sorting Options
  • There are 2 recipient listing styles for the PM sending Form
    • Autocomplete Input Field (Will intergrate the Prototype FrameWork)
    • DropDown Select Field (Will work with only 1 JS File, without any FrameWork)
  • Currently only One Front End Design
  • The Toolbar PN Interface/Menu is completely de/activatable
  • The eMail Notification System is completely de/activatable and configurable
  • 6 Permission Settings per (WP-) Role
  • Inlcude/Exclude individual Users per ID, regardless of their role!

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.1
Last Updated:



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